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No Taxes!

How is it possible that we don't charge you ANY taxes you ask? We're happy you asked, here at Ez Etail, we are all about helping you save time, energy and money all-in-one go.


Since we're a Canadian company all working Canada, we're actually not even allowed to charge you any sales taxes. Aside from the no taxes, we have taken every single precaution and even partnered up with Norton to provide you with the peace of mind that Norton-Shopping-Guarantee will ensure.


Buy with confidence, knowing that:

  • 1. Yes, your packages will arrive in a timely manner.
  • 2. Yes, you are fully protected at every single step of the way and we are held accountable daily by Norton as you can see by the bottom left Norton icon.
  • 3. Yes, our website is bulletproof against hackers with the help of SSL as well as other 3rd party company technologies. Our own staff can't even see your credit card information.


Read more about every single detail by clicking the Norton icon on the bottom lefthand side of your current screen.


Hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!


Stay tuned, we've got more good news coming soon...