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Canada's Ez Etail Inc. is proud to announce its official collaboration with Norton Shopping Guarantee as of May 16, 2016.


Security is of chief importance and on it's near the theoretical maximum. In fact,'s entire website is FULLY-SECURE, from the moment you visit, to the moment you leave, whether you add a couple items to your cart or just read the weekly blog updates, far from the competitors whom only secure certain areas of their websites.


The Ez Etail Team collaborated with Symantec professionals to provide every visitor with more than 'just' an industry-leading secure website. The Ez-Pz.comwebsite is now fully audited and backed by an independent third-party program called the Norton Shopping Guarantee (yes you are right, it's the same people that make the world's most renowned security program Norton Anti-Virus).


The variety of products offered on the website, coupled with the industry-leading Best-Price-Guarantee backed by Norton, compete with the used furniture market on Craigslist. If you can find lower prices, you will receive a cash back cheque directly from Norton themselves, even up to a mind-blowing 30 days AFTER your purchase with


What's even better is that while you've been reading this, on the lower left hand of your screen the official Norton Shopping Guarantee icon has been patiently waiting for you to click it, so go ahead, give it a click and read the small-print of everything that was mentioned here directly from Norton.


All in all, Ez Etail is confident that with this collaboration backed by an industry titan like Norton, you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that your furniture shopping at is a wise choice.


What's next you ask? Well, you asked for it, so Ez Etail is providing it, Ez Etail Better Business Bureau certification is underway!