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The Importance Of Creating A Workspace For Your Child's First Years At School
What is so hard about 3k to kindergarten? Well, where do I start? As I dropped my daughter off at the 4k this morning, I made myself the same promise I have every year since my oldest (now 19), started school. This year I was going to stay on top of things, make sure homework gets done, be organized and stay involved. With five children at different school ages, that is no small feat.

Having one in high school, two in grammar school, one in middle school and one in the pre-kindergarten stage, often has me more focused on the needs of the older ones. So much pressure put on them at the older ages, I forget how hard it is to be so small with responsibility. As my daughter went off to school, for the second year in a row, with her hands wrapped around my legs crying, I made a promise to help her excel this year.

What I have learned is that even the little ones, especially the little ones, need a place to take the time to focus. With our house being so chaotic, it is not unusual for her to get lost in the shuffle. Realizing last year that she was having a difficult time sitting down to concentrate, I set up her own workout station, far away from the bustle of our common living area. It is a non-intimidating space for just her and me to focus on what she needs to get done.

Instead of having one specific place for my children to sit and focus, I used to allow them to sit at the counter, on the couch, or anywhere, really. What I found is that designing a desk and work area brought out the best in both of us. Finding a workspace that is functional, yet indestructible, is key. Allowing your youngster to feel comfortable and find their creative side will get them excited about school and won’t drive you crazy that they are dirtying up the house.

I now have a silly, yet serious, space for Lauren that involves freedom to be creative, while still be organized. The focal point is her desk where she understands it is time to be attentive, but that she can still have the liberty to be a kid and make a mess once in a while.

What I have found throughout my parenting years is that little ones need their own school space as much as the more serious older children. Setting the tone for their school age years, finding a quiet desk space that is organized and just their own, will help them to develop healthy habits for the rest of their learning years.

Try to find a desk, the right lighting, and the proper organization pieces to help them stay on task and to know there is a time to be creative, and there is a time to hunker down. Most of all, find a space for them that is all their own to excel, focus and be the best them they can be. has all the back to school essentials for you to make a workspace niche for your little one that you can both live with and set the stage for a successful learning environment, now, and well into the future.