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Spaces Can Be Deceiving, How To Go From Small To Ginormous
There is a concept called the collective unconscious. It means that everyone in the world pretty much thinks in unison. Not only do we all think alike, but we also make assumptions that we think are common knowledge, and although universal, they have no basis fact. Most of the tricks that we do to make spaces look bigger have the reverse effect. The new trend in home building is smaller spaces, more efficiency and to maximize the space given, which is easier said than done. If you want to make your small space more functional and feel less cramped, these are the real tricks to try.

These are ten surefire ways to make your space look bigger than it appears:

1. Stay with one color and vary it

The key to making your space look bigger is to choose a color and stay with it. Paint the walls the same as the furniture colors, but vary the hue. That will make the things in the room stand out less and give the appearance of wide-open spaces.

2. Mirrors

Okay, so we all laughed at the seventies decor where there were mirrors on the wall and the ceilings. Forget the ceilings, (at least in the living room), but use mirrored accents to use the illusion of going farther and opening up pockets of space.

3. Maintain neutrality

Neutrality is key. When you want a space to look bigger, there shouldn’t be one focal point. Your eye should be ongoing, which means that nothing stands out.

4. Use the light that nature gave us

If there is an area in the room where the sun shines, make sure to maximize it by putting mirrors to reflect the light around the room. Bringing the outside indoors is an excellent way to make a space look endless.

5. Functional furniture

The key to making a space bigger is to make everything in it practical, and, when possible, dual space. Instead of getting a coffee table and a toy chest, combine the two to make it more efficient, to store more and to use up more space.

6. Forget the knick knacks

Your grandmother’s trinkets may have brought her a lot of joy, but they are doing nothing to declutter your small space. Packing any space full of “things” makes it feel crowded and pulls from the available open atmosphere that you are trying to achieve.

7. Incorporate hiding spaces

When choosing furniture and decor for the room, think in terms of how you can hide things that you use every day. There should be a place to put all those unsightly things that no one will see. When company walks into the room, it will look crisp, clean, and roomy.

8. Media double function

If you want to maximize the space and functionality of the room, then make all your things double function. Try things like using your television to display art when not in use. It will make the room look less “lived in” and more spacious and ready for use.

9. Customized area rugs

The size of a rug determines the viewers perspective of the size of the room. Have your carpets fit to scale so that you aren’t leaving space out, or crowding the floor. Customized rugs are an excellent way to make the room appear larger.

10. Combine the room over

If you want your house to seem less “choppy” and more spacious, then make sure that you blend one room to the next. By keeping the same scheme, color, and decor for adjacent rooms, you will cause the room to look like it just keeps going and, therefore, much more grandiose.

Not all of us can live in a mansion, nor do we want to. Sometimes that just equals more to clean. If you want to make your small room look more spacious, stick to these ten rules to larger living spaces.