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Revamp Your Dining Room and Set a Table that Everyone Wants to Gather Around
Life is so hectic these days that meals with the family often seem like a thing of the past. Have you ever wondered whether you’d be more inclined to set the table for dinner if you had a more magazine worthy dining room? When it comes to hosting dinner, your dining room decor matters almost as much as the food.

Whether you’re serving your family, friends, or hosting a big holiday supper at your house, the dining room should be a comfortable and inviting place for everyone, and putting together that magazine worthy setting is easier than you may have thought. Here are some stylish dining room ideas and tips to help you inject new life into your dining room and make your table a place where everyone wants to gather around for a nice meal together, just like they did in the old days.

Get Organized

The number one rule for making any room a magazine worthy one is to de-clutter. When you walk into a messy room, your energy can be thrown into chaos and you’ll instantly feel unsettled. An organized, open setting is an inviting one, so before you consider your dining room décor, make sure you get things organized.

A buffet table with a hutch is a beautiful piece of dining room furniture that will help you stay organized. Use the drawers and cabinets for extra things that you want to keep out of sight, but still have in the dining room. Use the top of the table for setting out appetizers, seasonings, or drinks, or get one with a hutch for displaying china.

Using wall shelves and curio cabinets are some other stylish dining room ideas that will help you keep everything in the room organized while providing ample space for some nice dining room decor.

Set a Theme

Setting a theme for your dining room is a great idea. The theme can be something as simple as a more traditional or classic theme using earthy tones throughout the room, or sticking with modern and minimalist furniture and décor. No matter what your theme, you’ll want to paint the room a light, warm color. If you want to stick with a modern theme, choose colors such as cream, light blue, or gray. For classic and earthy themes, go with a pale green or beige room.

Setting up a nice chandelier above the table and outfitting the room with a few plants, candles, and framed artwork are all stylish dining room ideas. Make sure you have comfortable chairs around a roomy table and that your dining room decor includes a few vases, lamps, a clock, and other decorative dining items that help tie your theme together.


All you really need to do to revamp your dining room is get organized, set a theme, and choose the right furniture and decor to follow it and help you stay organized. Before you know it, everyone will be gathered around your table in a stylish dining room that you can be proud of.