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Is White The New Color For Spring?
Just two short decades ago, white went out. Contemporary was all the rage in the eighties, and everyone was decorating like a bachelor’s pad. Doing away with the contemporary look of black and white furniture and walls, was bright and bold new colors. The problem? Bright and bold may just have run its course. The new in may be the old out. White is back, reclaiming its popularity with elegance and grace. To freshen up your space, try doing what you wouldn’t dare before, go back to basic white.

Calm Your Household Down

Remember a time before you had kids when the house looked clean and put together? It can still look that way. White is an excellent way to make a room look fresh. Using bold colors as accents, it also won’t overpower the space. Sometimes decorators use too many different patterns or loud ones. If you already have a chaotic home, too many colors or patterns can overload your brain. Stick to the basics, and you will find that things won’t always seem and look so out of control.

Make an Adult Space Just For You

Many stay away from using white because either they consider it too plain, or the fragility of it isn’t conducive to family living. White is a risky proposition for many families with young ones, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a corner of adult solace. It is reasonable to have a space that is all your own to entertain that can be crisp, clean and full of pure white hues. It isn’t just white that is in; it is hundreds of shades of white. From subtle differences to huge distractions, white comes in many shades.

If you are worried about the functionality of white in your home, there is hope. Many of the companies work with accommodate families by making slip covers that fit like a glove. Not your parents plastic, they come in different colors and fabrics to keep stains off of your new decor, allowing you to live day to day without anxiety.

Take the Anxiety Out of Your House by Stain Proofing

There are also many excellent stain-proof chemical treatments that can be applied to furniture to ensure that no harm can come to it. Not only having the option of a factory stain-guard treatment, there are many waterproof options that you can put on your furniture so that, in case something happens, all you have to do is wipe it clean. Products like Rust-Oleum NeverWet and Trek7 Finish can keep your decor flawless for more than the first day.

For splashes of white that may not be as intimidating, try wood furniture with white fabric accents. An elegant look, covering smaller spaces are not only easier; you won’t feel like you have one house for family and one for entertaining. The beauty of your home should be on display year-round, not just when you have company over. offers many neutral and white colored furniture options, both expensive and not so much, for every family. If you don’t make a huge investment in a piece of furniture, if something should happen, there is not as much guilt involved.

Our Mission

Our mission at is to offer our customers the most variety in both option and price to suit the needs of every individual and family. Furniture is an investment no doubt, but there are some times when you want to invest big, and then sometimes when you don't want to have to worry about things so much. Paying less for furniture can take some of the stress out of actually living in your house.

Not only is white back for furniture, but it also makes the perfect wall coloring. It used to be just for molding, but it is brightening up spaces and making them look more expansive than adding color. White walls are like the palette of life. Left open, it is the emotion and experiences of the people within the home that color the lives of those who live within it.