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Home Office Updates To Make Dad Feel Like The CEO Of The House
Even if your guy doesn’t work from home, there is likely never a time when he leaves the office entirely at the office. If you want to do something nice for him this Father’s Day, forget the coffee mug and create a space in the house that is all his own. Away from the distraction of the house hustle and bustle, it can be a kid-free zone where he can unwind and take care of the odds and ends of the day without feeling overwhelmed.

Nothing can ease his mind more than having a place for everything and everything in its place. If your home office has become nothing more than a glorified closet, where everything that doesn’t have a home has found one, it is difficult for anyone to concentrate among the chaos. To help him find some solace and open up space in his mind for creativity, choose a desk where he can organize his files, perfectly house the essentials and have all he needs near by.

The key to an office chair is that it is comfortable and can allow him to relax. His home office should be his haven to sit back and unwind. Ergonomic desk chairs that are cushy enough to feel like a recliner are the perfect way to ease those sore muscles and minimize tension. Choose one that has the lumbar support he needs or splurge and get one that has massage built-in. The key is to give him a space where he can mull over work while relaxing at the same time. No tight deadlines to work through, just a space to sit and go over the day’s events. The home office shouldn’t be an extension of his stressful workplace, but the anti-stress alternative.

Lighting is an important part of setting the mood for his home office. Try to choose light fixtures, desk lamps, or a wall lamp that will not only provide him the brightness he needs, but will bring out his personality and his happy place. Obviously, you want to give him enough light to see, but setting a more laid back tone for his home office may involve something unassuming. Choosing a desk light that has more ambiance, or even one that has Ecolume CFL or Lumichrome Fluorescent lighting, can not only create a more creative conducive space, but it can also increase his overall health. There are many benefits from using environmentally friendly lights. More calming, providing the right hues for happiness and reducing eye strain, are just some of the many editions that will make his home office spectacular.

The key to any home office is to provide an alternative to sitting behind the desk. Make sure that if he wants to come out from behind it, but still enjoy some time in a quiet space unwinding, he has a very comfortable chair club with ottoman or even a chaise lounge. Having a home office isn’t about getting back to work once the work day is over, it is about regrouping after a long day and finding your center. Design him a home office space for Father’s Day that will tell him how much you love and respect all that he does. Make it also a place that inspires creative, serenity and an escape from the everyday. Ez-Pz offers a vast number of styles, preferences and organizational tools to create not just a home office, but a home haven for dad this Father’s Day.