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Give Dad A Break This Father's Day With These Patio And Barbecue Upgrades For Burgers In Paradise
I cook all year long in the kitchen, sometimes slaving away at a gourmet meal, at times mixing up some hamburger helper. But, when it comes to summertime, there is nothing better than to watch my husband go to work on the grill.

Like an artist with a canvas, he marinates meats with not just the right seasonings, but with his heart. I love watching him get into it, music playing, pepper and salt flying and a smile on his face. The problem with the show is that it is like watching the iron chef being filmed in a studio apartment.

When I see him out there loving what he is doing and trying so hard to make a meal we will all love, it makes my heart heavy to see that he has nothing to work with but a greased up old grill, a broken down rusted side burner and a handle that is all but fallen off. Instead of seeing a master chef, I see a man trying his best to work with defunct barbecue equipment.

Usually, on Father’s Day, I am frustrated and stressed out and end up buying something last minute that he doesn’t need, or want, just to have something to wrap. This year is going to be different. I finally found the one thing that will make him happy and tell him how much we all appreciate what he does. I am going to create an outdoor grill, bar and dining center all for him.

Instead of just buying him a grill I am going to go all out. There are a ton of various outdoor kitchen sets that look more like bringing the indoors out. Adding a refrigerator, a new and energy efficient burner and some counter space will give him what he wants, time to think create and the freedom to enjoy doing something that is outside of his box. Not really the cook, he really loves the time by himself in solace to get back to the basics of primal hunting and gathering, or perhaps just the gathering part.

To accompany his outdoor kitchen, I have found a shaded area enclosure that will tie in the whole area. He is one of those guys, where if there is a mosquito in the vicinity of our city block, it will find him, so the addition of some netting to keep the bugs out will really make it a space he will love. Since our outdoor area has very little shade, a canopy with an enclosure will make it something really spectacular.

To top it all off, I am going to stock the refrigerator with his favorite beverages alongside those cozies he loves so much to keep his beer chilled and a sink to put his dishes in so he doesn’t have to go from the indoors to the out. The finale? I am going to get him a hammock where he can sit and relax after his belly is full and he has fed us all with his spectacular concoctions.

For all the things that he does for us throughout the year, I really want to make his very own outdoor kitchen let out the inner chef. It is a hobby he rarely gets to partake in, but with a new space all his own, it is a gift that will continue to give not just one day of the year.