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Furniture and Decor Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Comfortable
Have you ever felt a pang of envy as you watched someone on television, lounging around in a living room that just looks so comfortable? Maybe you’ve felt it while flipping through a magazine, or maybe you’ve been in a super cozy living room before, and now you just need to create that same feeling at home.

There’s nothing nicer than coming home to a cozy apartment. Your living room should be a place where you can relax and breathe easy after a long day, not a cluttered or anxiety inducing room that just makes you feel stressed out at the sight of it. You don’t necessarily need a big living room or super fluffy, comfortable furniture in order to feel cozy at home – although a big, comfy couch does help! – All you really need are the right elements, layout, and décor pieces, and you’ll be unwinding in no time.


A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind – never forget that motto. A comfortable room is never a cluttered and unorganized one, so before you decorate, you need to get organized. Set a valet stand next to the front door to hold your keys and other miscellaneous pocket items when you come home. End tables and accent chests are also two great furniture pieces to use for organizing. They’re beautifully decorated pieces that will hold all the items that may otherwise be scattered throughout the room in drawers behind closed doors. Out of sight, out of mind!

Lighting is Key

Believe it or not, the lighting in the room plays a big part in its coziness factor. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a mall or doctor’s office with all the fluorescent lighting? How about soothed when you’ve seen a nice office space that decorated in a home style with dim, yellow lighting?

In order to make your living room a cozy and comfortable room, you need the proper lighting. Installing diming lights is ideal, but you can also use lamps and lightbulbs of a lower voltage that are tinted yellow instead of bright white. Add some candles around the room to complete the mellow ambiance.

Cozy Seating

Big, comfortable furniture certainly helps you feel cozy after a long day, but even a simple chair can be made to look and feel cozier. Keep cushions, throw pillows, and throw blankets around wherever you can (without cluttering the space). If you have a piece of comfortable furniture that you can curl up on with a light blanket and a pillow to cuddle with as you read a book or watch TV, it’s impossible not to feel cozy!

Décor Accents

Decor pieces that make use of natural elements have a way of soothing you by getting you in touch with nature indoors. A couple of small plants and maybe a little fountain along with some stone or wooden décor pieces goes a long way in designing a comfortable room.

Comfort Made Simple

It’s easier than you may think to attain the level of comfort you’ve only really seen on TV or in magazines. Follow these simple tips and prepare to be relaxed.