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Creativity Boosting Home Decor Ideas for Every Room
As time goes by, you’re probably finding it more and more difficult to make the time out of your days and muster up the energy to be creative. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for you to do everything you need to do – forget about all that stuff you want to do, like writing a poem, drawing a picture, or playing some music. Well, what if your home was bursting at the seams with creative opportunities?

Keeping in tune with your creative side is important for a balanced mind and a balanced life, and there are many ways in which you can remain creative without “wasting” much time. Creativity boosters such as chalkboard paint, dry erase boards, waterproof shower notepads, musical furniture, and other innovative home décor ideas will inspire you to be creative every day. So, if you can’t seem to find the time or the space to be creative, build creativity into your everyday surroundings with these creative home ideas.

Set up a Creativity Space in Every Room

Your office may have a dry erase board and bulletin board, but what about the rest of your house? How many times have you suddenly had a creative idea or a productive thought, but nowhere to write it down? Make sure you never miss another good idea again by setting up a different creativity wall in every room.

Bulletin boards, white boards, and chalkboard paint are all great ideas for the kitchen. Use the whiteboard to jot down all those things you run out of that you’ll never remember when it’s time to go shopping, keep new recipes posted on the bulletin board, and maybe paint a small section of the wall with chalkboard paint to inject some café-style fun into the room.

Outfit your living room with a writing pad table and you won’t be able to resist being bitten by the creativity bug as soon as you enter the room. You might be surprised at how often you sit down without turning on the TV if you have this creativity booster in front of you.

There aren’t many creative home ideas that are easier or more fulfilling than putting a chalkboard painted wall in your bedroom. Use colored chalks to make fun notes, sketches, and write reminders for the day.

Extra Creativity Boosters

Add some simple, fun, and super creative home décor pieces throughout the house, such as musical furniture. You can find everything from benches and chairs to desks and tables that are made to be played.

Every shower needs a waterproof notepad and pen. The shower is one of the places where many ideas will hit you and by the time you’re done, most of them have vanished into thin air. With a little notepad and pen made for the shower, your bathroom might become one of the most creative rooms in the house.


When you set up your surroundings with the right items, it’s impossible to say that you can’t find the time to be creative. Equip every room in your home with these creative home ideas and creativity boosting pieces to find a happier, more balanced, and more creative you.