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Create the Perfect Party Room with Space Saving Entertainment Techniques
Having a designated room for parties at home would be a dream come true for many people, but maybe you’ve dismissed the idea of turning your home into the perfect party destination because you just don’t have enough space. What if you were told that it can be done? Seriously! All you need is a room and the right furniture and décor to outfit it with, and before you know it, you’ll be the best host in town.

You’ve heard that size matters, but when it comes to creating the perfect party room, it really doesn’t have to. Multi­functional furniture and game tables along with some space saving shelves and entertainment centers are just some of the options out there that will help you get the party started. With such innovative pieces on the market today, you may just have enough space left for some home theater seating in your party pad.

Save Your Floor Space

If you’re planning to turn a relatively small space into a party room, you’ll want to save all the floor space you can for comfortable furniture (or dancing!) Luckily, there are plenty of innovative ways for you to make the most of even the smallest spaces.Set up a slim contemporary home bar in front of some wall shelving, and you’ll have all the space you need to serve snacks and drinks to your guests without taking up much floor space at all. For seating, you can line some of the walls with wooden dining benches so that there’s plenty of room for everyone to take a load off without chairs cluttering up the floor.

Games and Entertainment

In order to create a truly exciting party place, you need a great entertainment center and some easily accessible games to keep everyone occupied. Use an entertainment center that has ample shelf space for speakers and other electronics. Instead of using the TV space on the entertainment center for a TV, you can mount a flat screen TV on the wall and use the TV space on the entertainment center to set up a stereo system or use it as a space to set out more food and drinks. Multi­gaming tables are the perfect space saving entertainment pieces to keep in any party room. Whether your guests want to play chess, backgammon, air hockey, foosball, or beer pong, there’s something for everyone to enjoy all in one table. Just switch the table top and you’ll have a new game ready for everyone to play.

Add Some Accents

Complete your party pad with some nice décor accents, such as wall display shelves, unique lamps and lanterns, candle stands, and clocks. Stick to a theme if you want to, or just add pieces to amplify the class and elegance of the room. You may want to consider keeping utilitarian items around as well, such as serving trays at the bar and valet stands near the door, where partygoers can drop their keys, lose their ties, and get into the party mood.


You don’t need a big space to set up the perfect party room, you just need the right furniture and décor! Use these space saving ideas and be the life of the party in the comfort of your very own home.