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Back To School... Your Kids Need Their Space, And So Do You!
There is something odd about the kids going to school. There is supposed to be some sort of relief that happens the day they go to class, but somehow the pressure cooker seems to get turned to high instead of unplugged. When your kids go to school, your home shrinks during the day, but needs much more space when they walk in the door.

The essential ingredient to the successful operation of any home is having the right spaces for everyone to work and play. If the kids don’t get their homework done, it isn’t just their responsibility. Finding a motivating space to put everyone in the creative mood is difficult if you don’t have an allocated area for people to focus. That means not only drawing lines for you to have your space but for them to have theirs.

Not only is it imperative for the house to function that the children have their attentive area, you, likewise, need a place to organize your things and file your important papers. Any small space can double as an office with a space-saving functionality and the right furniture.

Key ingredients to get your older children motivated for success at school

The key to creating a space for your kids to concentrate is finding a nook that is out of the way. Often, we try to cram too many things in one area or use it for too many purposes. Finding a quiet space to sit and reflect isn’t difficult if you create just a little nook. A secretary’s or a pull-down desk is the perfect piece to give your child room to write, store their things, and use their laptop for those important projects.

Be careful to find a place that isn’t full of distraction like a toy room, or a social area within the home. You know how hard it is for you to keep things straight when a lot is going on, kids have an even harder time trying to navigate their attention span. Giving them a place with good lighting, including a desk lamp, the appropriate storage (so they don’t spend their time procrastinating) and enough, but not too much space to get busy, will help them stay on track this school year.

Motivate yourself for success

Not only do the kids have a hard time adjusting to school, but so do parents. With an endless stream of homework schedules, sports calendars, and paperwork, you can easily find yourself drowning. If you promised yourself, like most of us do, that this year you were going to be more on top of things, commit. Find your own space for organization.

By using file cabinets, bulletin boards, and a family calendar, you can tackle most anything that your child’s school schedule can throw at you. Most importantly, you can find a quiet space out of the way to reorganize what you have on your plate and to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time. It is hard to gain control once you have lost it. Being the head of the household is one of the hardest jobs out there and requires that you have your own office space complete with desk, storage, and organization. Small or big, the key is to use the space wisely to keep yourself on track this new school year.

No matter what type of space you have in your home, there is the perfect workspace furniture to fill it. has everything you need to follow through with your new year promise to stay on top of things and to make this year go smoothly from start to finish.